Every woman who has gone to a massage therapist has had the thought, “Can I get a massage if I’m on my period?” The simple and most straightforward answer you’ll ever receive from us is, yes! You can get a massage if you’re on your period. Although you may not feel at your best, that’s more of a reason to visit our massage therapists for a much-needed massage.


When you’re on your period, you may experience pain, endometriosis and dysmenorrhea. All of these issues derived from what women commonly expect from their monthly period may be able to become less severe if you schedule a massage with our massage therapists in Woburn. In fact, did you know that women who participated in a study during their periods discovered that after a 20-minute massage, their menstrual pain decreased? Don’t you want the same result?


While we’re talking about studies, we’ll give you the facts from another one recently completed by the University of Miami Medical School. The study was done on women who deemed they had severe Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). The women were divided into two groups: A  massage therapy group and a progressive muscle relaxation therapy group.

While both studies were found to relieve women of their PMS symptoms, women who were in the massage therapy group showed a decrease in depression, perceived pain and anxiety, as well as many other PMS symptoms. Overall, the study concluded that many women might be able to benefit from and decrease their PMS symptoms if they schedule regular massage therapy appointments during their monthly period.


Like many women, you may be someone who is shy about visiting a certified massage therapist during your monthly period; however, our massage therapists are in tune with human anatomy and the monthly changes each individual goes through. We’re experienced and ready to tackle your menstrual pain together. Not only may you reap the benefits of a pain-free period, but you’ll likely experience a decrease in water retention, relaxation and a release of muscle tension.


Although massage can aid in fighting off the menstrual pain, it does increase blood flow which means a massage may increase your menstrual flow for a day after the massage; keep in mind, however, the increase in blood flow also has positive effects on menstruation. Increased blood flow may reduce cramps and back pain.

Do you have more questions regarding massage during your menstrual cycle? We encourage you to give our massage therapists a call. Remember, we’re here to help, and we want you to feel at your best as often as you can. Because many women feel at their worst during their period, we’re confident we can help. So, when can we schedule a massage for you? Contact us at 844-258-5498 or book your massage online now! If you’d like to give the gift of massage to someone you know who will appreciate it, you can purchase a gift card online here.