Anxiety, it’s a huge part of the world we live in today. Whether you experience anxiety every day or you don’t have to deal with it that often, it’s an impactful emotion that has the ability to destroy your day-to-day living. And like we said, not all individuals experience it regularly; however, if you do, it’s vital you find ways to resolve it naturally to live life the way you’d like to remember it.


Did you know that therapeutic massage is a wonderful gateway to relieve the anxiety you experience? It doesn’t matter if you have severe anxiety or get a rush of uneasiness once every few months, therapeutic massage is a wonderful solution to individuals who want relief in the most natural way possible.


The human body has the ability to do amazing things, and one of these things is to respond to danger the only way it may know how, by fleeing or fighting. We’re sure you’ve heard of this response mechanism: Fight or flight. Whether you’re in fight or flight mode, levels of cortisol are required. Cortisol is the well-known stress hormone that suppresses the immune system and increases blood sugar levels in order to get the muscles ready for what you choose to do next: Fight or flee.


Anxiety can take over your body through many different ways. You may carry anxiety in your muscles, such as in your shoulders, back and neck, which means a massage will be able to help relax your tense body. Plus, when you are experiencing anxiety, your cortisol levels are likely through the roof. This means that your stress levels are elevated. In order to slow down cortisol production and replace it with serotonin, good vibes must be felt. Therapeutic massage has a way of relaxing the body and increasing serotonin levels by circulating blood flow, increasing relaxation and letting the stressors in your body and mind disintegrate. By lowering blood pressure alone, your mood will elevate and anxiety will ease.

Another point to boot is that when your body is relaxed, the nervous system responds by improving and regulating breathing and lowering your heart rate. Both of these responses are valuable and to be expected when you schedule a massage at Skin To Soul in the heart of Woburn. Additionally, from the relaxation and improved breathing, you can expect your sleep to improve that night and nights to follow. When sleep is easier, your body and mind will be able to heal themselves effectively, making anxiety melt away and be an impactful emotion of the past.


It’s time to live a better life and life worth living. Contact Woburn’s leading massage therapists online today at Skin To Soul. We have many different types of massage you’ll enjoy and benefit from experiencing. Whether you’d like to schedule a Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal or sports massage, we have it all. Contact us today at 844-258-5498 or book an appointment online. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.