Sometimes it can be hard to describe to our clients how Myofascial Release Treatments can change their lives in ways they didn’t expect. There are so many intangible shifts that can start to occur once you start getting regular Myofascial Release sessions that you don’t even realize are a part of your healing journey. One of those intangibles is negative belief systems we create about ourselves. In the video, I describe how Myofascial Release helped me to ditch the negative belief systems I had about weight and start feeling good in my body.

If you aren’t able to watch the video, here is a transcript of what I say:

“Hey its Nicole from the Myofascial Self Care Video Course Online. I just wanted to talk to you guys a little but about why I wanted to create this course and also
why I think self-love is an important aspect of this course and why I hate before and after pictures.

Basically, when I started this myofascial journey I had lost a lot of weight which I felt like was a really big accomplishment at the time. Let’s see, that was probably about 6 years ago now and I had lost over 50 pounds and I used to carry a picture of myself when I was 50 pounds heavier. I used to tell my story about how I lost 50 pounds and I would show my picture of when I was heavier to people. I was proud of that, but there was also this disdain or dislike for this person in the picture and I didn’t realize at the time because I was too excited about the fact that I was no longer this person. I would show it to everyone saying “see, I’m no longer this person who’s 50 pounds overweight, I’m this new person now, a better person”.

I did that for a while and then going through this Myofascial Training you start looking at your belief systems and start peeling away the different layers of beliefs about yourself and who you think you are, what really matters.

At the end of the day it really is about love. Through the course of the six years I ended up going through a lot of different life experiences and being this lighter or “skinnier” person didn’t really matter anymore. To be honest it was a lot of work! It wasn’t my natural shape or body and I was starving myself, I was working out so much and that was one of the reasons my back started hurting me and I couldn’t even move anymore. I started getting a little bit bigger and bigger again and that really scared me for a little while.

Then I realized that through the work and through Myofascial Release I would have Unwindings where I would touch parts of my body and almost give myself compassion. I also dated someone at the time who was really instrumental in helping me see how beautiful I was. Coupling that with Myofascial Release and with these beliefs systems that women get in particularly, and men too sadly, that you’re only loved if you’re this certain size, you’re better if you lose weight, if you’re skinny, or whatever it is that we’re trying to be. You let me know what that is because I think the goal post keeps moving! Its ridiculous, its asinine!

I started really digging that apart a little bit and looking at that and thinking about all these people that I admire in life and what they look like and what their size is. They weren’t necessarily looking like Barbie or perfect in any way, shape or form and then I started looking at myself in a different light and realizing that I don’t have to be small or a certain size to be loved by somebody else or be friends with people or to be cool, or fit in, or be in a camera.

I look back now and I think about that picture in my mind which I actually threw that picture out and the reason I threw it out was that I realized that what I was doing was rejecting a part of myself that actually needed even more love. That person that I saw in the picture, it wasn’t just the external, that person was sad, that person needed help, she needed more love, she needed from me to accept her, for me to love who she was no matter what the heck she looked like. Once I realized what I had been doing I didn’t need to carry around those pictures anymore. I threw out the picture not because of what I looked like in the picture, but because of the fact that what I had been doing with the picture was sort of rejecting myself over and over again. Throwing away the picture almost symbolized to me that I’m not going to do that anymore, that it doesn’t matter what the heck I look like on the outside, it matters what I feel like on the inside and now I feel really good and I love who I am. Every day I get to learn a little more about myself and who I am and I can love it even more.

Now, I am not perfect by any means, but what I’m learning now is the parts of me that maybe I don’t like so much, embarrass me or I regret, choices I’ve made that I’ve regretted doing, I can take a look at those parts of me and realize that I’m just doing the best I can and that its OK. It’s not a big deal and I don’t have to be perfect! There’s no such thing and its totally made up in our minds what perfect is. It really is about what it is in our heart that makes us feel good about ourselves. What was the best decision at the time with the information we had and then we go from there, we take it easy, we’d be easier on ourselves.

I listen to some of my friends talk or family talk about themselves about their bodies and the choices that they made and it makes me sad now. I realize that first of all I used to talk about myself in that way, but second of all we don’t have to. Here we are and we’re inside of our heads all day long and instead of trying to be our own cheerleaders we can be in there wondering why’d you do that, why’d you do it this way, what’s wrong with you? Oh my gosh life is hard enough, we don’t have to make it worse and that’s why I don’t like before and after pictures. I love me before, I love me now and I love me in the future! Now when I look at before and after pictures of girls or guys on Facebook, I don’t say oh look at how awful that person looks or how great that person looks, I don’t even see the difference anymore. It seems silly in my mind. I hope that this helps you to take a look at your own self and realized that you’re beautiful all the time!”

I hope that you enjoyed a little bit of my story. If you are interested in learning more about Myofascial Release, would like to sign up for our Myofascial Self Care Course Online or would like to book a session and get started, please give us a call at 844-258-5498 or book online now.