Dreams are the picture-making power of your imagination. They are the stuff which life, hope, love, fun, adventure and accomplishments are made. Respect and nurture your dreams- believe in them- and bring them into the sunshine and light.


It is said there isn’t one person in a thousand who can write down their most exciting dreams and aspirations, without telling themselves why all those dreams and aspirations can not happen. It’s too difficult, too impractical, too expensive, never been done before, not feasible- why bother?

The biggest question: Why am I not living my dreams? can usually be answered simply: you either have not written your dreams down, or if you have, you have already begun talking yourself out of them. You can change that right now by starting your master dream list!














1. Turn some inspirational music on
2. Quite the negative voices
3. Write some of your most cherished dreams. Anything goes! Graduating from Juilard. Buying a 200-acre horse ranch. Starting an e-business and selling it for $100 million in the next 5 years. It’s your dreams so write it down!
4. Don’t worry about prioritizing your dream list yet, just let them flow.