Did you know that your C-Section Scar could be giving you neck pain, back pain, painful periods, frequent urination, and painful sex? These reactions are due to the fascial restrictions caused when the scar heals. Normally, fascia is a glistening, gel-like substance that surrounds everything in your body, like a cushion or 3-dimensional web.

This web reaches all the way down to the cellular level and helps create your structure and strength. When you have major surgery, your fascia is cut. In order for this cut to heal, the fascia immediately lays down layers of tissue, crisscrossing over each other, tighter than before, so that the body can protect itself. This scar is much denser and thicker tissue than what was there before, creating this sort of glue that gets stuck in the body.  We have a video here, showing what that scar can look like. Once this glue is stuck, it starts pulling on other parts of your body. Think of it like one of those burrs you get caught in your clothes that starts pulling on the fabric.

This pulling starts to cause tension on structures in your body, where there was no tension before; your neck, back, and uterus. Myofascial release will release some of these scars, loosening their pull on the body and returning you to your pain-free lifestyle. We have had many people come in to see us with C-section scars, that didn’t even know that their neck pain, back pain, uterine cramping was caused by the myofascial of these tight scars that need to be released.
If you are having any of these symptoms, please give us a call, we can help!