Therapeutic massage has been used to help reduce symptoms of cancer treatment, improve coping, and enhance their quality of life. Massage can even help with the psychological wellbeing during treatments to help reduce some symptoms.

Studies have shown that massage therapy can be beneficial for cancer patients both during and following treatments. Massage therapy can help counteract many of the negative physical and emotional symptoms of cancer and side effects of treatments for patients.

Reduces Pain and Relieves Stress

Massage promotes relaxation and boosts the body’s production of endorphins, which can help relieve stress, reduce pain levels and swelling, and loosen aching, tense muscles.

Improves Mood and Quality of Life

Increased anxiety and potential depression after a cancer diagnosis and during cancer treatment are not unusual for patients. Regular massage can reduce anxiety and help create a prolonged sense of well-being, improving a patient’s overall mood. Massage gives patients the time to breathe and relax, which can be the key to feeling your best during a difficult time.

Improves Sleep Patterns

Less pain and stress during the day means less pain and stress at night, which can help cancer patients sleep better and more soundly.

Adds Positive Touch

Cancer treatments can be lifesaving but they are not always pleasant. The gentle, caring touch of massage therapy adds a positive touch in the midst of what might feel like the poking and prodding of treatment.

Our experienced therapists can help!

At Skin to Soul, we have an amazing team of therapists that have the experience, knowledge and understanding that it takes to work with those going through cancer treatment. They are here to help be a part of your healing and treatment process to help get you feeling better.