According to a UCLA study, more than 60 US hospitals have adopted Reiki as part of their patient services. Hospitals have even been seeking out Reiki masters to do workshops and train nurses and medical staff. In 2008, an American Hospital Association survey found that 84% off hospitals reported patient demand as the reason for offering complimentary medicine services including reiki.
Can Reiki cure disease or pain?
While there is no scientific evidence that Reiki can do these things it has been shown to be very relaxing and help reduce stress. 
Reiki has been clinically shown to be helpful in improving well-being, relaxation, pain relief, sleep quality and reducing anxiety, particularly in the hospital setting and with cancer patients.  Click here to read the effects of Reiki therapy on pain and anxiety in patients attending a day oncology and infusion service unit.
What is Reiki?
Reiki is a type of energy healing.  Reiki practitioners hold space to allow universal energy to flow into the energy centers and pathways of the person receiving. They also can remove unhelpful blocks of negative energy.  This allows for a clearing and rejuvenation of the energy field leaving the person feeling lighter and more at ease with themselves.  It is known to be very relaxing. 
What can I expect from a session?
You can expect that the practitioner applies a very light and gentle touch to various parts of the body for 2-5 minutes at a time.  Sometimes they will not be touching you at all and will be using their hands to affect the energy field above your body.  Typically sessions are done lying down but can also be done seated.  Clients may fall asleep, feel relaxed, see colors, have random thoughts or memories come into their minds, or even have a spiritual experience.  Many clients report feeling the energy move through them and also feeling the stuck energy leaving their body.  Although it is not necessary to feel the energy for Reiki to be effective. 
Is Reiki part of any religion?
No, it is not.  Reiki is completely non-denominational. 
Who can learn Reiki?
Anyone can learn how to do Reiki.  In fact, some of you may be naturally doing it without knowing what it is.  Learning Reiki 1 from a professional would be the first step to learning how to do Reiki.  These classes are usually one or two days long. 
Reiki isn’t just helpful to those going through treatments, but to caregivers as well. We understand that it cancer affects not just the individual going through treatment, but everyone around them. At Skin to Soul we have reiki therapists here to help you and your loved ones feel better as you go through the process of treatments.