Meet Benjamin R, Green Level LMT



Ben graduated from cortiva in 2013. He is a certified personal trainer and health coach, with a BA in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College in Vermont. His undergraduate work focused on the social determinants of health, and he incorporates this background into his sessions as appropriate.

While living an active lifestyle Ben realized that his muscles grew adhered due to lack of self care. That is when he tried massage therapy and found great success with it. At the time his interests were in building and design, but quickly shifted into studying about health and well being. By studying to be a massage therapists he was not only looking for how to perform massage therapy but to understand why massage therapy worked so well.

When contemplating going to school for massage therapy, his father herniated his lower back, cementing Bens decision to go into the field. Although the work itself could not fix the herniation, Ben knew massage therapy could help relax the muscles around it, supporting his fathers recovery process.

Since then Ben has grown a great deal of respect for massage therapy. It has really opened his eyes to not only the importance of physical self care but also the mind body connection. Reigniting his past interests in Buddhist philosophy.

With professional experience at both a day spa and a gym, he’s been able to hone a wide variety of skill sets. He is well versed in therapeutic and relaxation massage, as well as deep tissue techniques and sport massage therapies. Through all of this, Ben gets great satisfaction helping people meet their goals.

Through dialogue and assessment, each massage therapy session is specifically tailored to the client’s unique needs. Ben is ready to aid in recovery, and help people improve their overall well-being.

Ben particularly likes doing neck work, and helping people ease tension in their lower back. Knowing these are two of the most common requested focus areas. Most prominently for desk workers and students, however Ben also enjoys working with people who are physically active, or trying to become more physically active.

On his own time Ben enjoys strength training, going on walks, bike riding, and swimming. He feels that it’s important to try to maintain an active lifestyle. He wants to get more into travel and also return to his previous interest of building and design as well as meditative practices. Ben loves music, art, and food. Variety in life inspires him.