Let’s Book an Appointment!

(You’re booking at the Somerville location. Click here to book at the Woburn location.)

1. Click on the dropdown menu labeled “Select Appointment Type”. From here, you’ll see all the services we offer! Make sure that you’re choosing the correct level (Groupon, Professional, Specialized, Advanced), the correct length of time (30m, 60m, or 90m), and the correct service type.

2. You don’t have to choose a specific therapist! You can just search by service. But if you are interested in anybody by name, click on the dropdown labeled “All therapists”. If you do, just make sure that the therapist and service level match (for example, you won’t find any openings from a professional level therapist if you’re searching for an advanced level service, etc.)

3. By default, this will show you a week out from today’s date. If you’re interested in checking a specific day/week, click on a day of the month on the calendar, and you’ll see 7 days out from that date instead.