Meet Kiersti H, Professional Level LMT



Kiersti went to massage school at The Massage School in Boston. She has been a massage therapist for over 7 years now. Kiersti’s massage style is very therapeutic in nature. She wants her clients to have the experience of their bodies being comprehensively worked on, but also leave feeling relaxed. While attending to her clients’ needs and incorporating their bodywork requests into the session, she simultaneously addresses other restrictions and impediments in their bodies that they may not even be aware of. Her goal is to have her clients leave feeling less pain and more flexible at the end of our sessions. While she enjoys working with people from all walks of life, she really likes helping people that need help connecting with their bodies. She is a great match for clients who are stressed and feel as though they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Clients that are in need of tactile bodywork to help them relax into themselves. 

Before massage therapy Kiersti worked in retail. She always wanted to do something with her hands. As a child, she wanted to be a carpenter or a chef. However, once she was older, she decided she wanted to find a way to help people in a kinesthetic manner. Initially she pursued a degree for equine facilitated mental health, but the program was not the right fit, and so she continued searching for other ways of working in a more hands-on way. She has a family member who is a massage therapist, and she encouraged Kiersti to look into the field. She signed up for massage school, and on her first day of orientation, she fell in love with the practice. She was fascinated by the way muscles worked together, and the impact that her hands could have on the health and well being of others. Her time in school seemed to fly by, and she couldn’t wait to start her massage career.

Outside of work, she likes to read, however like most of us who do her TBR pile is large. She also enjoys cozy games like the Sims. Thunderstorms are her favorite to watch.

Professional Level for Massage

Specialized Level for Myofascial Release