Meet Kyle B, Professional Level LMT



Kyle graduated from the Spa Tech Institute in 2022. Before becoming a massage therapist, he worked in retail and customer support while getting an undergraduate degree. Kyle’s massage style is a blend between relaxation-based Swedish and deeper, more therapeutic massage. He particularly enjoys working on the back and neck. He has had very uncomfortable neck massages in the past, and so he strives to not repeat that experience for his clients. When he cradles someone’s head in his hands, he can innately sense how their neck wants to be positioned, and moves with the client to help them find better balance in their neck and shoulders.


Kyle fell in love with massage because he saw both the immediate and long-term benefits it provides. He suffer from plantar fasciitis, and through trial and error he found a self-care routine that relieves the pain with stretching and massage. He want to share this experience with others, and so he began honing his techniques on family and friends.He saw that it helped them find relief from stress and discomfort in their own bodies, and he was hooked. He has always wanted a career that was more personally fulfilling, and massage therapy felt like the right fit. It took some time for him to realize the importance of following your dreams, but now he know he’s on the right path.


While he enjoys working with people from all walks of life, his specialty is working with clients who are looking to create better health conscious habits . This includes athletes of all types, as well as folks that want to make small changes in their daily lives in order to feel better in their bodies. His true goal is to help others gain awareness of the stress we put our bodies through, and to find ways to help alleviate that stress. 


When not at work, Kyle enjoys learning music production, biking, and cooking.

Professional Level For Massage