Meet Lisa L, Professional Level LMT



Lisa graduated in June 2022 from The Massage School in Boston. Her style tends to gravitate towards therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage,  involving some mobilization. Lisa’s goal is to be able to feel the restrictions and release them. Whether they are new to massage or understand how massage can bring ease, Lisa would be best for someone who feels that by introducing a regular wellness routine into their life, it will be enhanced tremendously. 

Lisa’s journey into the wellness industry all started more than 6 years ago, when she  developed osteoarthritis in both her knees, and her back and shoulders were starting to hurt more. Realizing that working and sitting for long hours, and working out with weights, yet not embracing the softer side of taking care of her body was taking its toll. Not wanting to be dependent on only medications and constant PT to alleviate the excruciating pain, she introduced yoga and massage into her routine. 

Through this she realized what was missing in her life. With this combination, she felt that it was helping tremendously not only physically, but also allowed her to cope with the stresses of daily life. In 2019, she made the ultimate decision to enter the wellness industry professionally by becoming certified as a yoga instructor. During this time, she also further immersed herself in the wellness industry by working for Skin to Soul as Receptionist and Customer Experience Manager. Being around Massage Therapists, and learning about how they work, inspired her to enroll in massage school. 

Lisa has always loved receiving massages. More so, even before she started massage school or started working for Skin to Soul, as amateurish as it was. She loved giving massages knowing that the recipient would feel so much better even if it was just a 10-minute back or shoulder massage. It made her feel like the stresses of the “world just melted away”. Massage is not just about working the muscles. She believes massage is about feeling, hoping, and caring for the client on her table. 

Outside of work, you can find Lisa spoiling her cat, Abigail. She loves to garden and grows vegetables and herbs every year. Lisa is also a certified yoga instructor and practitioner.

Professional Level for Massage

Specialized Level for Myofascial Release