Touch is a powerful component of the healing process, and it’s one that you’ll experience in our comfortable studio in Somerville, MA. Skin to Soul offers various massage techniques including relaxation, prenatal, sports and more to give our clients the results they need. Our massage therapists are experienced and knowledgeable, and understand how to customize their treatments to help you achieve your wellness goals. Whether you need help overcoming emotional or physical pain or just need to recharge or relax, our massage services can help.

Our most popular massage, therapeutic massage incorporates a little of everything, relaxing, yet deep where it needs to be, to get the kinks worked out. Our therapists are trained to understand and know exactly where those knots are, and to work with you to develop a plan for your session that leaves you feeling like a self-care winner!

Deep tissue massage is a massage that focuses on specific areas of tension. Using progressions of techniques on your areas of focus, a true deep tissue massage slowly works out deep-seated knots, without torture. (unless you like that sort of thing!)

A relaxing massage is a beautiful combination of massage techniques flowing together in a soft and melodic rhythm, designed specifically to help unwind and release your body and mind. Don’t blame us if you leave humming “Don’t worry….Be Happy….”
One of our most special and most needed massage techniques, a prenatal massage is PERFECT for any soon to be mom struggling with the demands that growing a little nugget places on her body! Backache? Swollen Legs? Hormonal Emotion Rollercoaster? Our staff is specifically trained in Prenatal Massage and ready to support you through your baby growing miracle journey and have you ready to conquer the world again!


Great massage. It is a very professional relaxing and clean place. I’d go back in a heartbeat.
Phyllis S.


My therapist was awesome. He listened to my problem areas and really got into them like I asked. Also gave me some pointers on the cake or and how to relieve some of the stress causing my ailments.

Jessica P.


Everything I needed and wanted to be pampered. Clean and very professional. Felt very comfortable. My therapist was very pleasant and gave me a great massage.
Christine D.