Meet Terry M, Professional Level LMT



Terry graduated from Lincoln Tech’s Massage Therapy program over 3 years ago now. Her style of massage is a mixture of relaxation and deep tissue, with trigger point work. She enjoys working with clientele that have both new and chronic issues that desire to set healthy goals to help relieve their discomfort. Terry is a good match for anyone that is looking for a sense of relief and comfort. A client who is willing to interact with her to work through some deep tissue knots, trigger points, and just basic breathing to help alleviate any issues that are going on with their anatomy, and be open minded. 

Before becoming a massage therapist, Terry worked with psychiatric patients from the ages 10-20 to provide care and daily life skills. When the pandemic hit in 2020 She decided she needed to bring balance back into her life. She did a lot of soul searching.  She decided she needed a career that could help her fulfill her purpose of caregiving, while having a peace of mind to come with it. She realized she has always been a hands-on and visual type of person when it comes to understanding a task to provide a positive outcome for a project. When she was a little kid, she and her friends would always play pretend restaurants, nail tech, barber etc.. She was always the massage therapist when they did. She has always been interested in anatomy and how to heal the body with just waves of motion with her hands.She had originally wanted to pursue massage therapy back in 2014, but decided on working full time back then. Coming full circle years later she decided to take the leap of faith and practice something she had always wanted to try and succeed at. The moment that made Terry fall in love with massage was when she first started school and had to practice on her family members and friends. Just by seeing the sense of relief and alleviation they had made her realize this was her dream career and calling. 

Outside of work you can find her playing video games, or watching or playing sports like basketball and football. She has an adorable dog named Cudi after her favorite rapper Kid Cudi. 

Professional Level For Massage